Faux Heritage


Faux is an evolution of a family run business originally formed in London in 1919 .

With the exception of a short period of time when the business was relocated to Colwyn Bay in Wales to avoid the Blitz during World War II, the company has always been based in London and owned and managed by the same family.

The secret to the business’s longevity in a niche market such as the faux fur industry is solely due to the our constant adaptation with the times . From our humble beginnings just after the First World War to producing handmade coats for President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline . Our progression earned us prestigious accolade of the Queen’s Award for export before we entered the film industry by supplying luxurious furs for movies such as James Bond icy wonderland that was Die Another Day in 2002.

Faux’s popularity has now entered a celebrity era supplying our products to many TV shows including The X Factor and the iconic reality show Big Brother.


All Faux designs are conceived , designed and produced in England . Subsequently we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible and we support the local manufacturing industries. We choose our suppliers carefully to ensure we work together to deliver superior quality for our customers.

Our Faux fur products are produced by specialist craftsmen and every care is taken to ensure that our customers are proud to wear the Faux brand .

Rather than throwaway, disposable fashions, we invest our time and attention in creating quality products at outstanding value Stylish and timeless, every item is expertly designed in the UK with our customer in mind.

We aim to deliver the highest level of customer service.

If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you – it’s another way we maintain our high standards .